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All suspects remain under investigation by police, the statement said.

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Most come from impoverished backgrounds and earn €2 a night from the abuse, which goes a long way in the Philippines Vile: A suspected British paedophile chats over webcam.

Journalist Peter Bridge - not his real name - came across many men like him in a two year investigation into the depraved multi-billion dollar industry Horror: Bridge's investigation has led to a number of girls being rescued - but he says it is just the tip of the iceberg, and has vowed to continue to fight the industry - despite receiving death threats Hotspot: The Philippines is the top destination for predators in search of webcam child sex tourism, with some even travelling to the country to pay between €8 and €30.

They come from the US, Europe, Australia, Canada and Korea.

Poverty combined with the rise of cheap, high speed internet access has turned the country into the hub of a billion-dollar cyber sex industry with tens of thousands of girls being exposed to sexual abuse.

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