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There are add-ons such as live chat even with video, survey maker, Need a merchant account so you can take credit cards - no problem. If you are into organizing a class or alumni association reunion, Class Creator is the medium to create a website. [email protected] far we have been very pleased with Class Creator.

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I have now developed 3 sites using Class Creator; one for our high school reunion, one for our business school reunion ( and one to enable our family to stay connected ( Millan-Clan). Ratchford This is a great website company and our classmates have really enjoy viewing.

This is such an effective tool for helping groups to stay connected and plan special functions. It is simple to use and has truly outstanding features. But the Class Creator gang all chipped in and helped me to build the site you see today. It is very easy to build and they are excellent in getting back if you have any questions.

For administrators, the forum and the support are both excellent. If I ran into a problem there was lots of good helpful tips to help me work it out.

If I still didn't get it I could call and they calmly explained what I needed to do!

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Fraps is a universal Windows application that can be used with games using Direct X or Open GL graphic technology.

I have built dozens of web sites from scratch and also using templates. Fabroa, website administrator I somehow was elected, appointed, or roped in to being the webmaster for our site. I would highly recommend Class Creator to other schools.

Class Creator offers more than just a template of your choosing. They have videos, help desk and their response is fast. So far it's been a breath of fresh air to experience how user-friendly and easy it has been to get our site up and running. We look forward to implementing more features over the coming months! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this company!

I am very proud of the end product and my classmates seem to be very pleased with what they see.

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