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He now makes an attempt and that was really all I was asking for. I have heard divorce starts in the bedroom and when the wife is no longer interested in it, she needs to wake up because there are a lot of other women out there that are always looking for a married man to try and entice and I don't know how the wife can expect him to not get wore down if she won't give it to him.

If the two texting knew it wasn't wrong, then they wouldn't hide it from their spouses!

Just wondering...would this not be the same as having a private phone conversation with another married person?? hello, im new to this forum but this post caught my eye.

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Talk to her about it , let her know how you feel & maybe she will get the ideal & wake up.

If not you could try a counselor or marriage therapist or something never OK to cheat, no matter what. It is possible that she would be agreeable to you having a "friend" on the side.

Do you think if a wife stops having sex with you,(I'm in my middle 40's) that your justified in going out and having an affair?

yes communication, would be the most right thing to do?

Beyond bringing government and public institutions closer to the people, Whats App has also proven useful as a tool for connecting communities.

Big Brother is watching your every move — and so is your spouse.

However, in India, where Whats App has around 160 million monthly active users, the service has become much more than a no-cost chatting app.

A Whats App safety group enables New Delhi women who travel by public transport to send photos and details of the vehicle to the police before boarding it.

A Whatsapp group launched by police in Hyderabad received 341 complaints in just 30 days.

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