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A password is the secret word or phrase that is used for the authentication process in various applications.

It is used to gain access to accounts and resources.

i Phone users unlock their cell phones dozens of times a day, making a simple and memorable passcode beneficial.

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A hash is basically a secure way of storing passwords based upon math.

A hash is also a way of scrambling a password--so if you know the trick, you can easily unscramble it.

The most popular code was "1234", which almost 9,000 people used.

The rest of the codes are either very simple ("0000"), create a pattern ("2580"), or in the case of "5683", make up a word (LOVE).

In the spirit of DEF CON and my week of hacking, I’m going to cover one question that I get asked all the time: How do you "crack" a password?

To answer that, I’m going to take you through the steps a hacker would use to break your password--so that you can avoid some of the pitfalls that would make you an easy target to any password cracker out there. If a website or program is storing your password--like Google, Facebook or anywhere that you have an online account--the password is generally stored in the form of a hash.

In penetration testing, it is used to check the security of an application.

In recent years, computer programmers have been trying to create algorithms for password cracking in less time.

That's all I want to say on that particular headline for now, instead I'd like to focus on how I verify data breaches and ensure that when reporters cover them, they report accurately and in a way that doesn't perpetuate FUD. I come across breaches via a few different channels.

Sometimes it's a data set that's broadly distributed publicly after a major incident such as the Ashley Madison attack, other times people who have the data themselves (often because they're trading it) provide it to me directly and increasingly, it comes via reporters who've been handed the data from those who've hacked it. Regardless of where it's come from or how confident I "feel" about the integrity of the data, everything gets verified.

Back in 2010, i OS developer Daniel Amitay developed a camera security app for i Phones that used an unlock screen almost identical to that of the i Phone.

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