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Women enquiring about de-infibulation can self-refer to the clinic.After your operation - helping you to recover After your operation, bed rest and inactivity can increase the risk of chest infection and blood clots in your legs.

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Through educating poor communities about trafficking and helping establish small business projects, we give at-risk communities a hand-up, not a hand out.

When you’re trapped in darkness, no-one can hear you.

These can be avoided if you follow the instructions in this fact sheet.

Alcohol and pregnancy Health professionals advise that alcohol and pregnancy do not mix.

We have Prevention Homes in different countries where we care for at-risk children – often siblings of rescued girls – until they are of age to find safe employment or higher education.

It’s often the desperation of poverty that sees children being trafficked into sexual exploitation.

Gender norms and sexual double standards have been suggested as one of the key social drivers in young peoples’ potentially harmful and/or unethical sexual uses of communication technologies. (Special issue on ‘Mediated Youth Cultures’)Dobson, A. ‘Kisses under the starlight’: The performance of masculinities and Emo on My Space.

In the context of broad panic in developed countries about the ‘sexualisation of culture’, and more specifically, recent panic in Australia about ‘sexting’ among teens, there is a need to examine the gender politics of everyday youth digital cultures. (2014) ‘Sexy’ and ‘laddish’ girls: unpacking complicity between two cultural imag(inations/)es of young femininity. Reinvention: A Journal of Undergraduate Research, 4(2).

She has conducted research into young people’s social media use and digital self-representation, sexting and cybersafety education in schools, and female genital cosmetic surgery in Australia. ‘Individuality is everything’: ‘autonomous’ femininity in My Space mottos and self-descriptions.

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