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Somewhere during my teenage existence, I decided 23 was the perfect age to get married.I’m Mormon, which means people tend to marry young and start families sooner than the rest of society.

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Have you found success at love using location-based apps? Share your thoughts, horror stories or love stories below.

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Instead Tinder argues that it actually promotes stories of love.

Tinder users who’ve had positive experiences with the app have responded by sharing their love and relationship success stories on Twitter tagging them with #Swiped Right.

Many applaud Tinder for making it easy to go on multiple new dates a week, or a night if you’re willing, but what does that do to your dating pool?

If everyone’s dating everyone, will there by anyone left to date that hasn’t already met up, or slept with, someone you know?

Mike: A Room With a Woo (sorry) Another Man: A Bedroom Lies Empty, But Its Tenant Fulfilled Choire: The best thing is, all these situations end happily!

Well, Everything A Man: There should be a series of exclusive interviews with the unfortunate third roommate in these situations.

Oh Hello There Mike: He Paid for Dinner, She Paid for the Utilities A Man: Whoa how did you know that. Or the Score Wheel Emma: In Prospect Heights, A Reason To Ditch The Tie On The Doorknob Choire: Divided By Walls, They TK Bathroom TK Bedroom Something Another Man: Once A Roommate, Now A Playmate Choire: She Knows When You Are Sleeping, She Knows When You Are…

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