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(Photo Source: tw)" data-reactid="18" 1 Mar - Rumours are rife that Ethan Juan has finally moved on from his failed relationship with Tiffany Hsu, after he was spotted with another woman recently.Rumors of Ethan Ruan’s future have been a topic in the entertainment pages for quite some time.

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In addition to that, Ethan Ruan was alleged of abandoning his pregnant girlfriend in order to pursue his career.

And that's not all; Chen now claims that the star had taken Esther Liu’s virginity back when they dated for half a year.

The current issue of Next magazine reported that Ethan Ruan once had a girlfriend by the name Yvonne.

She was apparently pregnant when he decided to leave Taichung to pursue his career in Taipei.

When asked about the rumours recently, Ethan's manager only responded that he is currently still single.

However, no comment was given to rumours linking him to Fa Fa.

Ethan Ruan responded, “I’m most angry about bringing Esther Liu into this.

Things are not going too well for Ethan Ruan recently, be it his love life or career.

He also said, “I met him recently, and he felt very awful.” Frankie added that Ethan and Tiffany are still in the “cooling period” and have not broken up yet. Source: Yes Entertainment, China News This article is written for

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