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Adding an RSS source in Kodi will make the individual RSS entries browsable in the Kodi interface, along with thumbnails and other metadata if available.RSS feeds cannot be scanned into the video or music library, so they are only accessible from the files view..

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This area requires details from a Windows Vista and Kodi user.

For input on improving this Wiki please visit this thread: SMB Windows 7.

By default Kodi (namely XBMCbuntu) does not have any FTP server software installed, that does not mean you cannot add a FTP server to the installation and use it. Network File System, or NFS, is a way to share folders over a network, and was added to XBMC in v11 (Eden).

The main benefits of using NFS instead of SMB are its low protocol overhead (which allows it to send data across a network more quickly) and its use of simple UID's to authenticate users rather than username/password combinations.

Windows File Sharing, (also known as Common Internet File System [CIFS] or Server Message Block [SMB]), is probably the most common of all of the options for sharing media between your computer or a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device and Kodi.

This page describes how to share media files using the SMB/CIFS protocol, also known as Windows file sharing, that are on a computer running Mac OS X.

When the media files are shared on your network you can then access those files using any other version of Kodi, even if it uses another OS.

To enable Windows file sharing You have now enabled Windows Sharing on Mac OS X for the specific accounts you enabled in the Sharing panel. no password required) to shares you need to enable "Allow guests to connect to shared folders" for the Guest account in System Preferences under Accounts.

If you are new to Kodi or Windows 7, please post feedback about this wiki in the above thread - Using a genuine x86_64 (64bit) or x86 (32bit) version of Windows 7 with all available and stable BIOS, driver and Windows updates completed.

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