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Group chats is a list of the group chats you belong to. Note: If your friend hasn't yet updated to the newest version of AIM, we'll send them invitation to upgrade to the new AIM.

You can find your contacts to the left of your window.

Give it any personal details that you wish to share with others (real or fake - your My Bot will believe anything you tell it...) View logs of all your conversations and your visitor conversations with My Bot in the logs page (requires password). id=142&level=3&root=115 Downloading My Bot for AIM: You will need a PC running Windows XP or later, AIM (Version 6.0 and Above), and Microsoft . She attends international studies at a university and works in a coffee shop in her spare time.

Note: You'll need to have a webcam installed and set up on your computer in order to participate or start a video chat.

If your friend isn’t on the latest version of AIM, we'll send them invitation to upgrade.

While AOL Instant Messenger chat rooms were once hugely popular, the rise in popularity of social networks resulted in the demise of AIM chat rooms, which were discontinued in 2010.

In 1996, AOL made history by offering internet service for a flat monthly rate.

When you see the right name, click it and start your chat. When chatting, click the paper clip icon (or on AIM for Mac or Windows, click the menu icon and select “Share a File” Select the file you’d like to send. You can even take a photo with your webcam and send it instantly.

Click the menu icon and select “Take a Webcam Picture” (you might need to grant us permission to use your camera).

The old AIM is like a champion race car: it’s received updates and new parts over the years.

In some ways, it’s whatever you make it to be: the way you keep in touch with faraway loved ones, or the back channel to that boring meeting.

For the first time in history, people were able to stay online for as long as they wanted without incurring expensive data charges.

To grow its customer base, AOL produced CD-ROMs with the AOL software on them and mailed them to potential customers across the country.

We've organized all of your contacts in the center column of the AIM window: Recent chats is a list of friends you've last chatted with. Those contacts with gray dots are currently Offline.

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