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“We had always wanted to do a musical episode on the show, and we finally got to do it,” he said.

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Eric Mc Cormack is sharing his thoughts on a “Will & Grace” reunion.

While at Universal Studios Hollywood, the actor who played Will Truman on the show dished to “Extra’s” Renee Bargh about the hit series and the lifelong friends he made. it reminded us of how easy it is for the four of us to play in that sandbox.” He also said the talks of resurrecting the show are continuing. I think the four of us would love to.” Until then, you can catch Eric on Netflix tomorrow, when his new show “Travelers” premieres.

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“I think ‘Will & Grace’ probably did more to educate the American public than almost anything anybody’s ever done so far,” Vice President Biden said on “Meet The Press” in 2012, explaining his support for gay marriage.

In the 11 years since “Will & Grace” ended, gay characters and gay life have become an entrenched part of the mainstream in shows as disparate as “Empire,” “Glee” and “Modern Family.” Even soap operas and action blockbusters such as “X-Men” and “Star Trek” have gay nods.

So we no longer need what “Will & Grace” was serving us in those woebegone days when even people as powerful as Anderson Cooper, Bruce Jenner and Ricky Martin felt the need to be closeted about who they really were.(The episode in which she realizes she’s had sex with more partners but far fewer times than her boyfriend Nathan stands out.) While Will (Eric Mc Cormack) and Jack (Sean Hayes) played out tired tropes of gays as snobby control freaks or happy-go-lucky promiscuous men, we rarely, if ever, saw them in bed, the notable exception being the time they woke up in bed together and spent the whole episode panicking — until they checked security footage and realized they hadn’t had sex.Could America’s favorite BFFs be heading back to your TV screen?Now, just as President Obama — who ended the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and bathed the White House in rainbow lights to celebrate the passage of marriage equality — is leaving office, Will Truman and Grace Adler are returning. Maybe the “Will & Grace” reboot can be amazing for gay America, unfettered from its need to dilute itself for the straight palate.But, like hooking up with an ex from our 20s, is this reunion a good idea? Gay life — and gay television — has gotten a lot richer since “Will & Grace” went off the air.It’s been over 10 years since Will & Grace finished, but the beloved sitcom is due to make a return to screens later this year.

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