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In 1994, however, radiometric dating of sand particles attached to two of the fossils indicated that they were actually 1.8 and 1.6 million years old.

Zhoukoudian is especially important because it is from a population of men, women, and children rather than just a single individual.

Since he had discovered an unknown species, he took the liberty of naming it in an 1894 publication.

He called it Dubois' claims for his Java Homo erectus finds were not widely accepted until the 1930's, when the German/Dutch paleontologist Gustav von Koenigswald made similar discoveries in the Dutch East Indies.

Take a view A lift whisks you 20 storeys up Yangon’s tallest building, Sakura Tower (1) (sakura-tower-yangon.com).

Gaze over 360 pagoda-dotted degrees of the city and the broad, brown Yangon river beyond.By that time, there had also been even more convincing discoveries of Homo erectus in China.Dubois the presumed date for the geological strata in which they were found.Apart from making some design changes we have also improved our sites functionality, giving you the user a much better adult dating experience.Back at the office we have made some changes too, improving on security and customer support.This site is currently not available to citizens of all countries in the world.

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