Do tori and beck end up dating at t tv commercial speed dating actress

From casting calls and movie roles, to musical magic and mayhem, these students sure know how to entertain!

What happens when Tori wants to give herself another chance at love and Jade comes back again? So, being the kind and loving friend she was, helped Jade with the pregnancy. She pulled Tori closer to her and opened her legs and wrapped them around the torn girl to bring her closer. to feel loved..." Cat said while pulling Tori closer to her. She unlocked it and scrolled down through her contact list until she reached the number she was looking for and dialed it. She went in and immediatley fell at ease with the soft breeze. It had been four months since Tori last talked to Jade and Cat was tired of Tori's moping. When was the last time you went out just for some Tori time? Tori reluctantly got up from the sofa and went to her room.

It was a chilly day in UCLA and a petite brunette was slowly making her way through the campus with her friend while she was talking on the phone. You know, it would be really nice if you came down here to see me. I'm busy with work." The brunette sighed at the excuse the other girl said. As her pregnancy progressed for a few months, and she saw how caring, protective, and attentitive Tori was over her, Jade began to fall in love with Tori as well. Tori loooked at her questionably at the action but Cat only gave her a soft smile. I know Jade is hurting, but that doesn't mean she can treat you like this. Tori questioned herself as she leaned in closer to Cat's lips. As soon as she could feel Cat's breath on her lips, she pulled away. It rang four times before the other line picked up. She walked through the garden for a while and she was beginning to feel slightly happier. She pulled it out and looked at the caller i.d and hesitated before answering. They two best friends were now living together in a fancy garden apartment in Hollywood. You never leave the studios unless you really have to! I promise we won't be going to parties tonight if you just let yourself have this time for you.

I'll be graduating soon and you still haven't come to visit me at all since I started." She said. The next thing they know, both girls end up together and no longer did Jade feel the baby was Beck's as well, but her's and Tori's. It was Friday afternoon and Cat was going to take Tori out for some fun and relaxation for once since they were in UCLA.

The other voice on the line was silent for a while when they finally spoke. They were a happy couple and all their other friends were happy and supportive of them. it hurts..." when the half latina saw the blood, she quickly got up and went to start the car while Jade put some warmer clothes, since it was raining, and took her to the hospital. When the doctor stepped in the room, Tori quickly reached for Jade's hand. Never in her life, had she seen the other girl this broken. Seeing Jade like this broke Tori's heart but she knew she had to say strong for them right now. I don't even know if that meant she was breaking up with me. For God's sake, I was excited for the baby as much as she was!

and maybe move to some sort of small town and start a family. They just decided this would be the last one they would air after they already taped it. The closest we got was in Tori Goes Plantinum were they had two almost-kisses. Is there any chance that the network would agree to giving TPTB a couple episodes to wrap up the show?

He’s probably going to grow a spine and stand up to Jade. He’s probably going to lose all his hair too cause that’s just inevitable. Well it wasn't a proper finale, because it wasn't written as a series finale.

I'm teaching you how to do one of the hardest exercises known to man--the sit up.

It's really hard to make Beck's hair look bad, but I still have to try!

And after that we got opposite date and that was it. Wow, way to deny us a chance to properly see them together.

I probably would have thought that they would be one of those ships that would forever live in fanfiction, because TPTB didn't actually go there with them on the show, but then I watched Opposite Date, and now I'm mad that it never happened at all.

I Am adding more chapters for the last episodes of the series.

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