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Disaster Movie, the newest sorry effort of the both, has literally become a box office disaster, then torn to pieces all over the Internet.

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Towards the beginning of the film, we hear a recording of Churchill’s 1946 speech in which he called for the creation of “a kind of United States of Europe”.

This is played out against a backdrop of European cities reduced to rubble by the Second World War.

Although his favorite of his TV series, The Time Tunnel (1966), folded after only thirty episodes, Allen returned with Lost in Space (83 episodes, 1965–1968), about an outer-spaced Family Robinson; Land of the Giants (51 episodes, 1967–1970); Swiss Family Robinson (20 episodes, 1975–1976); and Code Red (13 episodes, 1981–1982). The disaster challenges humanity rather than the individual.

Allen is best known as the producer of the two key 1970s disaster-film prototypes. The group fractures variously: the businessman will clash with the ethicist, the character who knows from experience with the theoretician, the rich with the poor, the black with the white.

Thus, for example, notwithstanding the period disasters, dramatic immediacy prefers that films be set in the here and now. Cornel Wilde set his survival film No Blade of Grass (1970) in London to emphasize the culture threatened by anarchy ("Keep up your Latin, David; it will stand you in good stead").

Volcano (1997) pours Pompeiian lava through the streets of modern Los Angeles.

However, most of the time this is only a matter of re-integrating deleted scenes into the film.

Disaster Movie, however, is an actual PG-13 movie that really was censored in order to get this rating - especially the "I'm fucking (Matt Damon)" song at the end where every "fuck" has been removed from the PG-13 version, thus rendering the gag (if one wants to call the regurgitation of a video from the Jimmy Kimmel Show a "gag") completely useless.

This new film is already being touted as a strong contender for the next awards season.

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