Disability living allowance backdating

In most cases the time limit for making a claim may be extended.This means you can get your payment back-dated to the time that you became entitled to it or for least six months before you made your claim, whichever is the lower.

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There is different criteria but one size doesn't fit all so to speak. I just wanted to highlight this to people in the same situation as myself and those new to the benefits system.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is money for people who have extra care needs or mobility needs (difficulty getting around) as a result of a disability.

If you are claiming WTC only, you should attach a letter to your claim form asking for this backdating.

You will only get backdating for the period you met the qualifying rules; so if you only met the rules, for example, two weeks before your date of claim, you will only get two weeks' extra money.

Similarly if you have children, you can qualify for working tax credit by working 16 hours instead of 24.

Back to the top To have the disability element included in your WTC claim, you must meet all of the following three conditions for each day of your claim.

I have had to appeal my DLA applications twice now and since the outcome of the second decision was made, I have learnt so much.

Last March my decision for DLA claim came back as HRM & LRC and I was unhappy with the decision so I appealed.

This is an element which is included in your maximum WTC award if you meet the conditions.

Also, if you do not have children, qualifying for the disability element means you can claim WTC by working 16 hours a week (rather than the 30 you might normally need to work).

To get a social welfare payment, you must make a claim for that payment to the Department of Social Protection.

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