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Nothing but dirty British wives and girlfriends getting fucked hard.The New Year of 2007 was bound to be business as usual for the /a/ board of 4chan until on 4th of January, Anonymous posted an omake page from the doujin Schuppen Harnische by RAITA of doujin circle Zettai Shoujo, detailing character art for a dating sim he dubbed “Katawa Shoujo.” For reasons we will never know, someone's genius idea of actually realizing RAITA's idea of the game caught on like wildfire and soon suggestions ranging from tender love stories to depraved sex fantasies were running amok in the thread.

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Comet owner James Alefantis got wind of trouble when his Instagram account got clogged a week before the presidential election with violent messages like, “I will kill you personally.” He wondered why until he found out that on social media sites like 4Chan and Reddit and Facebook, and in the Twitter feed of Breitbart News, and as far away as Saudi Arabia and Turkey, he’d been accused of being in cahoots with Hillary Clinton and her minions kidnapping, molesting and trafficking in children.

The spark for the attack was the cache of e-mails stolen from John Podesta, chair of Clinton’s campaign, and posted by Wiki Leaks.

We have thousands of naked Asian girls just waiting for their foreign boy friends.

Amber is a MILF wife who loves to pose for the camera.

That, being an ensuing rendevous at a hotel for anonymous, paid-for, sex.

Walk in to Comet Ping Pong, a neighbourhood restaurant about two miles from the White House, and you don’t think,” Satanic den.” You think, “How long will I have to wait to get a table,” and “Geez, there are a lot of kids in here.” Comet may be a family pizzeria in a leafy neighborhood but it’s still in Washington in a political year.Wearing ablue dress for our shoot and a little pair of white panties it isnt long before she has her little tits out.She gets stripped down to her white knickers in these pictures.As close as he got was dating David Brock, a conservative turned Clinton defender who runs the conservative-bashing website Media Matters. You’d think the plot would have to thicken to keep the story going but it doesn’t.Hollywood's award season is in full swing and a Ballyboughal entrepreneur is working on making the Oscar dream achievable for everyone, albeit these little golden statuettes look a little different and these 'Os Ka Rs' come with a somewhat peculiar spelling. Absolutely the hottest girls from Thailand and Asia.

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