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**JUICE SMUT**Juice Getting Jealous Of Half-Sac“Hey, Kip.” you smile as you sit down at the bar, having arrived late to the party. You’d been dating Juice for almost a year now, so he didn’t exactly bring you to the parties anymore.

He just told you about it in hopes that you would show up so he could show you off. You’d known Half Sac for almost three years, he introduced you to the club and you hit it off with the Puerto Rican from Queens almost instantly.

“Bend over the sink.” he ordered, and you could hear the sound of his belt coming undone. ” you gasp, you’d never seen anything but the gentle side of Juice until now.

“Bend over the fucking sink.” he growled and you did as told. He pushed your dress up, and slapped your ass hard. “Yes ma'am.” he chuckled and picked you up, racing out to his bike.

He was proud to call you his girl, and he let everyone know. Ever since the day you met Half Sac your relationship had been somewhat strange.

You constantly flirted, but it never meant anything, at least not to either of you.“Hey, baby.” Juice said as his arms slipped around you from behind, interrupting Kip’s lame pick up line. You yelp as you’re yanked from your seat and whisked away to the bathroom. ” you seethe as you’re pressed up against the wall.

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