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In Pakistan, female students have had acid thrown in their faces as a punishment for attending school.

In Europe, Konstantina Kouneva, currently a member of the European Parliament, had acid thrown on her in 2008, in what was described as "the most severe assault on a trade unionist in Greece for 50 years." The most notable effect of an acid attack is the lifelong bodily disfigurement.

Mr Davies, Conservative MP for Shipley, West Yorkshire, said the bill was too focused on women's rights and did not do enough to address men's rights.

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several articles thoroughly reviewed the medical implications for these victims.

The severity of the damage depends on the concentration of the acid and the time before the acid is thoroughly washed off with water or neutralized with a neutralizing agent.

Violent crime is a senseless, often random act, and it is far too common in today’s society.

It is no longer enough to ensure that offenders receive the harshest punishment under the law.

The 2017 statewide needs assessment was conducted from August …READ MORE Baton Rouge, LA – The Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (LCADV) announced today the hiring of Mariah Stidham Wineski, MS, as the agency’s Executive Director.

LCADV is the federally designated statewide coalition of shelters, non-residential programs and individuals working to …READ MORE Download Press Release Baton Rouge, Louisiana – The Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (LCADV) applauded Tuesday’s final passage of bills expanding domestic violence protections in Louisiana.However, LGBT survivors sometimes face discrimination when seeking help and protection.VAWA 2013 prohibits such discrimination to ensure that all victims of violence have access to the same services and protection to overcome trauma and find safety.According to the Acid Survivors Foundation in Pakistan, there is a high survival rate amongst victims of acid attacks.Consequently, the victim is faced with physical challenges, which require long-term surgical treatment, as well as psychological challenges, which require in-depth intervention from psychologists and counselors at each stage of physical recovery.MPs have voted to pass a bill to improve domestic violence support services and provision in the UK.

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