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Infant at birth was noted to have molding on the right parietal area of the skull, soft in consistency with a suspicion of depressed skull bones underneath, otherwise infant’s clinical and neurological examinations were normal.

An x-ray of the skull was obtained because of the persistence of the depressed area of the skull which revealed approximately 1.7/1.8 inch with 4 to 5 mm in depth in the parietal area.

The radiologist’s task is to detect findings that are suggestive of abuse, to distinguish abuse from other pathologies and normal variants, and to provide reasonable estimates of fracture age and mechanism of injury.

Additionally, a radiologist with specialized knowledge in the field of paediatric radiology may provide expert medical opinions to child protection and law enforcement agencies.].

The skeletal survey is the cornerstone radiological examination in suspected physical abuse [A 3-week-old abused girl brought to the emergency room after an apnoeic episode.

a, b Initial images of the lower extremity show (a) no abnormality of the right distal femur, and (b) a left distal femur CML (] concluded that neither modality alone detected all fractures.

Though infant was asymptomatic, at the request of the pediatric neurologist, a CT scan of the skull was obtained which confirmed the depressed fracture of the right temporo parietal skull bone without hemorrhage or tear.

In view of normal clinical and neurological exams, infant was discharged with an appointment for a neurosurgical consult.

This article reviews the skeletal imaging findings seen in child abuse.], physical abuse of young children is a serious health problem.

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