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Children are to show reverence and deference to their parents and elders.Disobedience of an elder’s words is seen as extremely disrespectful and punishable behaviour.You are most welcome to help us update the information by commenting on any content using the feedback tools."The family unit, whether nuclear or multigenerational, remains the single most important aspect of an Afghan’s life.

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Nomadic women have far greater control over domestic affairs and the family finances than their village counterparts.

Nomadic women have to take care of all family business while their husbands and sons are away for months at a time tending the herds.

In hindsight, my distrust of men didn't get me far.

I hadn't yet learned that giving others the benefit of the doubt was an important part of finding love, both from others and within myself.

You are a girl who looks like the world," a friend once told me.

I knew what she meant: My caramel-colored skin and curly hair, the product of a '70s-era marriage between a white Midwestern woman and a black Southern man, marked me as the living embodiment of the triumph of love at the time. And my biracial heritage gave me a vantage point to see the world from different perspectives.

In Afghanistan, marriages are usually arranged, and women are usually less educated than men.

They marry young, have many babies (preferably boys), generally do not work outside the home, and are usually restricted to socializing with female relatives.

In all cases, females are highly deferential to all male family members, even when older females interact with younger male siblings and cousins.

For all Afghan women, maintaining a good reputation is a lifelong demand.

However, within the household they wield much power and influence in the decision making.

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