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If you’re like me, you lump cigars and cigarettes into basically the same category: smokable, tobacco-filled sticks. I spoke with Mason Foster, a Certified Tobacconist and head of the cigar program at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington D.

C., a town with a lot of well-heeled men and women enjoying a lot of cigars.

And we’ll take you a step further, revealing first-timer mistakes to avoid, and a revolutionary formula for pairing alcohol and cigars based on the chemistry of taste that is guaranteed to impress any cigar aficionado.

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Cigars have been a choice weapon used by some of the greatest men of all time.

Winston Churchill reportedly smoked between 8 and 10 cigars per day, although he often smoked them inconsistently allowing them to burn out so he could chew them instead.

But before you run off to the local cigar store to pick up a stogie, first think about where the best place would be to enjoy it.

There are places out there that cultivate a complete experience for cigar aficionados.

Second, you smoke a cigar by filling your mouth with the smoke, tasting it, and exhaling, while cigarettes are meant to be inhaled.

The vast majority of cigars are not produced in Cuba.The image of a man enjoying a smoldering cigar and a warm snifter of cognac is so synonymous with style and sophistication it’s almost a cliche or a parody.Maybe men don’t often sit before a fire to indulge in hand-rolled, aged tobacco and even more aged brandy, but they should. Fine cognac and cigars should never be wed haphazardly.They must be properly paired lest they clash with each other.Such a waste would be unthinkable, so we turned to one of world’s elite experts in both spirits and cigars to aide us in our perfect pairings.A cigar is a rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco leaf, produced in a variety of types and sizes to be smoked.

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