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In our efforts to provide you with the highest quality and freshest products, we kindly ask that you come by to pick up your beef order on your specified pick up date.If not communicated to us otherwise, your beef order may go to the next person on the waiting list or be made available again.In addition, 13 species of upland game birds are plentiful, and with specially-trained dogs, hunters can go for wild turkeys, blue and ringneck pheasant…

Kualoa Ranch is proud to offer 100% All-Natural Grass-Fed Beef for retail sale to the public.

We currently have 500 cattle on property which consists of breeding cows, calves, steers and bulls.

They arrived with boots and saddles, a new language and a new lifestyle for the island.

Called “paniolo” by Hawaiians, the skilled cowboys trained local men to rope and ride a generation before their American counterparts in the “Wild West.” Their contributions to local culture included the guitar and ukulele, and a lifestyle of hard work, close-knit family ties and wonderful music that thrives to this day.

Our cattle are raised in a low stress environment, free from any steroids, hormones or antibiotics.

They graze freely over 1,500 acres of beautiful pasture land.

If you are interested in ordering our healthy grass-fed beef, PRE-ORDERS are recommended and can be done by either completing the order form below, calling us at the Visitor Center at (808) 748-3209 or by emailing us at [email protected]

Once we receive your order, we will contact you if we need to clarify any information.

However, research and experience show that preconditioning and on-farm weaning reduce BRD risk through the transition period.

During a 2014 BRD conference in Denver, participants generally agreed that much of the BRD in feedyards and stocker operations could be eliminated through adoption of sound health and weaning practices at the cow-calf level. While not among our biggest beef-cow states, Hawaii produces a significant number of feeder calves. 1, 2014 cattle report, 68,800 beef cows produced calves last year.

Hawaii Island has an unexpected heritage, a rich “cowboy culture” more than a century old, centered in the upcountry ranchlands of Waimea and North Kohala.

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