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Hank Hanegraaff of CRI has a staff that gets him answers.

That makes him credible on many biblical topics but when Hank Hanegraaff himself steps out in certain areas of theology he displays a basic lack of biblical understanding.

' Selena Gomez put a stake in rumours that she's dating One Direction hunk Niall Horan by telling ET on Friday that 'Oh my God, no!

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Coy: Selena (pictured Friday in NYC after the Billboard event) certainly gave the impression that she and Niall (pictured, right, on December 4) were an item after they were spotted together twice last weekend Then Niall and Selena were spotted on what looked like a date Saturday night at Santa Monica Pier where they were seen riding the rollercoaster and strolling side-by-side together in footage captured by a Twitter user.

While the Good For You singer may have put a stake in hope for Gomez-Horan romance, she still looked pretty as a picture at the Billboard annual luncheon wearing a 1920s-inspired dress by Rodarte featuring Swarovski crystals.

That belief says that all or most of end-time events transpired in 70 AD. “Full Preterists” believe Christ returned “in spirit” in 70 AD. Now many are taking Hanegraaff to task for not only false theology but for outrageous comments on air and in his book, “Apocalypse Code” as well as his fiction series with co-author Sigmund Brouwer. Thomas Ice, who serves on this ministry’s “board of reference” says, “The great majority of the book (Apocalypse Code) is a rant against Hanegraaff’s distorted view of Dispensationalism in general and Tim La Haye in particular.

There is precious little actual exegesis, if any at all, to support his Preterist/idealist eschatology; however, there are great quantities of some of the most vicious tirades against La Haye and many other Bible prophecy teachers that I have ever read in print.” This can be found on the Web site of the Pre-Trib Research Institute, Post script editor note: the name of the book in the above excerpt was corrected.

, chances are good that you might get a response like "the Vatican," "the Pope" or "the Mass." If you were to press further, you might even get a response that comes from the colloquial use of the term according to the English dictionary: a synonym for "universal." On the surface, both answers would be generally correct.

However, the origin of the word and its usage in Christianity for millennia suggests something quite different from what we might initially think.Richie agrees, even though he may miss a huge rock concert - and in the process, takes responsibility when a glass pane in the front door of the store is accidentally broken.19 February 1974Richie and Potsie get Fonzie's help to join the Demons club but are on their own going through their initiations. After doing the dares, they regret doing them and both refuse a Demons jacket.There is probably no saint more revered and well known in all of Christian history than St. Today Christians, and many non-Christians alike, celebrate the life and legacy of this medieval Italian man who is known the world over for his exemplary life of holiness and model of peaceable living he leaves to us, nearly 800 years after his death. Francis never actually said or wrote these particular words, he lived the prayer with his whole life.Just as he remains a popular figure across many cultures and religious traditions, there is probably no Christian prayer more popular (with perhaps the predictable exception of the "Lord's Prayer") than the one that bears the name of this Saint from Assisi: "The Prayer of St. And when we do look at a few of the authentic writings that we do have from the Poverello (the "little poor man" of Assisi), we see the values, insights and spirituality of the Franciscan tradition reflected in this now-classic prayer. Francis is probably the Canticle of the Creatures, in which the Saint from Assisi poetically praises God in and through various elements of the created order.Ong's contribution was to look at the meaning of the word catholic itself to get a better handle on the task at hand.

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