Dating for veterans

The noise clearly carried a different meaning for him, one I didn't understand.

dating for veterans-58

But whatever it was, the sound caused Omri to jump in his seat and tremble.

He gazed up at me, his eyes wet, his pupils swollen like black olives.

Through a service contract with the Royal Canadian Legion, volunteers visit Veterans staying in long-term care facilities who receive financial assistance from the Department.

This visit provides the Veterans an opportunity to have a conversation and a social visit with a volunteer.

UNC Greensboro has a proud legacy of embracing veteran students dating as far back as the Woman’s College alumnae returning from service as WAVES, WACS and nurses in World War II.

Today, we strive to create a welcoming and constructive atmosphere for one of our nation’s greatest resources: our veterans.

The Veterans Resource Center has a carefully crafted environment of support that allows military-affiliated students to thrive.

Canada's commitment to care for injured, disabled and aging Veterans is a long-standing commitment, dating back to the First World War.

Financial support for long term care is provided in two long term care settings: Some nursing homes and other residential or long term care facilities provide care to Veterans in “contract” as well as “community” beds within the same facility.

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