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On November 19, Girls’ Generation will release its U. maxi single through Interscope, thus, officially setting off its American debut. Entertainment held a three-hour-long concert at Madison Square Garden late last month, we had to get down with our favorite k-pop group for a talk. But I really love Timbaland, and his work with Justin Timberlake, Aaliyah and others. Complex: Are there any indie artists you guys are fans of? It’s all math that we don't really take part in. Then what are some unexpected things you guys had to do since the debut? Tiffany: We’ve just had our Japanese debut, and it’s been a little over a year. Tiffany: []Taeyeon: Well, we never really went clubbing. Complex: Finally, what’s the next step for the Girls’ Generation?

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Devido a seu sucesso, Se7en tornou-se o primeiro artista da YG a tentar entrar no mercado musical americano, porém sua estréia nos Estados Unidos não conseguiu o impulso necessário.

Além disso, a confirmação de seu relacionamento com a atriz Park Han-byul em 2009 e uma pausa de quatro anos na industria de entretenimento sul-coreana, desaceleraram o ritmo de sua carreira e seu contrato com a YG terminou em abril de 2013 sem renovação.

Korean pop’s recent surge onto the international market is far from an overnight phenomenon. For hobbies, they’re always listed as reading, listening to music, or watching movies. So you just end up writing down basic things like shopping. Reading, listening to music, things like that, right? Sooyoung: And by watching movies, it’s not like we’re… Sooyoung: Or listening to classical music with a surround sound system. Even when we’re working, instead of treating it like work, we have a tendency to approach it as if we’re having fun as a group. I hope what they’re doing is something they truly enjoy. Tiffany: Currently, we’re promoting our group album, but we’re going to slowly start pushing our solo work.

The endless chains of idol stars from the land of the morning calm are intensely trained products of the nation’s top entertainment labels. It’s totally normal, but I guess it looks fake in a way because we are people you can’t personally ask. Taeyeon: Plus, those are all things we wrote earlier in our careers. In certain cases, it gets too loud, so it might even appear a bit unprofessional. Taeyeon: Yeah, some people do, but since it’s not something we get to do often, it’s really fun when we actually do it. We never really got into any physical altercation yet. Complex: When you guys start screaming at each other who prevails? That’s the only way to prevent regrets from happening. Don’t just vaguely chase after something that’s glowing. I think it’d be great to showcase to our fans, how strong the girls are as individuals.

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If you have seen women walking around in red robes and strange headgear that looks like an IKEA lamp shade inspired by a Puritan bonnet, don’t panic, it’s just the feminist left going bonkers over the TV adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s 1985 SF novel “Handmaid’s Tale”.

They even made an appearance protesting Donald Trump’s visit to Poland – I apologise for the Slavic cultural appropriation of American literature.

Jessica: Yeah, we do talk with a lot more action involved than normal people. But because we have so many of those pose and gestures, I feel like many people assume that we’re super bubbly and animated. It straightens our postures; it makes us feel more confident. Complex: Any interest in possibly working with them? Complex: Are you guys familiar with the Wu-Tang Clan? I don’t know about the group’s background, but I listen to their music a lot. But as a whole, since we went on tours, and done so many performances, I could humbly say our live performance game has gotten much better. market, and we hope that we can start something amazing in the near future.

Sooyoung: I don’t know if you’re familiar, but our dance choreographer, Rino Nakasone, who’s been instructing our choreography from the beginning, laid out a set of moves and gestures that are fitting for each member. It’s not like I’m going to ask Jessica [.] No, I didn’t. It’s not comfortable, but we’re so adjusted now that it feels weird without them.. Instead of just performing one song on a television show, we had to learn how to keep a crowd entertained for three hours or more. Complex: You guys debuted around the same time as the Wonder Girls… Taeyeon: Well, I would say how they started is a little different from how we’re starting. Since it’s not a similar case, it’s a little difficult for us to pinpoint a difference, and tell you what we’ve learned.

A agência conquistou sucesso na Coreia do Sul e Japão ao lançar seu primeiro cantor idol, Se7en, que estreou em 2003.

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