how do scientists use the knowledge of radioactive dating - Dating ceramic artifacts

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Oriental Art Magazine, summer issue 1997 containing two articles about the Xuande shipwreck and its controversial ceramic cargo. It provides the background for his discovery of ten historical shipwrecks and their excavation.

A lifetime’s experience with sailing and naval architecture allows Sjostrand to bring new understanding to ancient ship construction and allows him to set the ships and their ceramic cargoes in historical perspective.

1" square turquoise colored bead discovered in Gilchrist County, Florida.

Only have one example......................................., French & Indian War period hoe, 5" blade, 1.25" socket, found within three miles of the fort, early crude blacksmith marks, good form and firm metal...................................................., This style as used from 1740 - 1830, 9" X 8"X 6" overall.

These range from 3" to 5" and were probably framing nails due to their large size. He is considered to be a patron saint of boatmen, mariners and naval officers.

The first building was the home of Peter Schuyler first mayor of Albany in 1686. His liturgical feast day is celebrated by the universal Church on April 2nd, the day on which he died. The gate sprue is felt to be after 1750 [see Neumann].You only have to look at architecture of Spain to see how bold and adventurous the Spanish are with their avant garde, abstract and evolving post modern styles.Their passion, impulsiveness and spiritual instincts lend itself to having a natural flair for unique contemporary designs.Artifactsguide also offers the ONLY Full color Indian Artifact Point and Identification Price Guide in the entire country in our Best Of The Best Series of Books. We take our experience and put it to work for you to insure that the artifacts we offer are 1) Genuine 2) Unaltered 3) A Value.Since 1995, we have handled, inspected, and photographed over 1,000,000 Indian Artifacts submitted from the casual collector to the largest and most acclaimed collections in the entire S. You can rest assured the purchase you make with us, is a purchase in which you can have confidence. S.) We also host the largest artifacts discussion board and forum in the Deep South and have since 1998. 240 pages of full color, actual size, of the finest points ever found in the Deep South!

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