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If the water mark is black you will have to remove the finish and bleach the wood to remove it.From: [email protected] Try using Moses T's Reviver, it will remove any water rings.Our antique frames were made in America in the late 1800's.

Start by examining the frame or structure of the sofa from the underside as much as possible.

A vintage sofa or antique couch should have a well-constructed wooden frame, typically with dovetailed joints.

Modern reproductions tend to be smaller and narrower than the originals enabling them to fit in with the smaller dining rooms of todays houses.

A noticeable point when looking at a genuine 18th C chair is the generous size of the seat, its much wider than todays reproductions.

I have used this on hundreds of pieces of antique furniture and only failed to remove rings on one table top.

From: [email protected] I have a pair of antique carriage lamps from my grandmother. One is converted to electricity and one is still candle.

I've made this table myself, the wood is at least 125 yrs old, hence asking this question here.

I've got it sanded down and now I'm ready to finish it. I thought I would use danish oil first but I'm not sure what type of "sealer", if one at all. From: Jim Cole Comments If you use a wipe on type "oil" it should be self sealing.

Vintage sofas dating to the 20th century are typically more heavily upholstered and do not have visible wooden elements, outside of legs.

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