Dating a libra man as a cancer woman Kylie from minnesota amateur cam sex

Sexually, the Cancer woman and Libra man will enjoy a romantic affair however both signs are so concerned with giving pleasure they could very well cheat themselves out of enjoyment.

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On a general note cancer and libra hold 50% probability to work it has its own challenges .

Cancer being water sign would mostly rely on emotional expereinces while libra being air sign is bit aloof and indecisive.

Libras absolutely HATE chaos, confrontations, and drama (unless they caused the drama, then it's acceptable), which they're apt to do because Libras are natural contrarians.

Libras are symbolized by the Scales and can see every angle of every situation, but sometimes they will often play Devil's advocate just to get a juicy debate out of you.

As a Libra woman interested in dating a Cancer male, your astrological love compatibility is based on your Sun Signs alone is fairly average and here's why: Libra, an Air sign ruled by Venus, endows a personality that loves all things beautiful, romantic, artistic and stylish.

Libra women love good manners, great parties where they can flit about the guests as social butterfly and a living atmosphere that's elegant, luxurious and sophisticated.In the dating phase of this relationship they need to overcome these initial differences. The Libra woman is indulged by the poetic lovemaking her Cancer man provides.The Cancer man is enveloped in the Libra woman's femininity and feels secure.Well there are many aspect to compatibility rather than only sun-sign in the charts like moon sign ,ascendant, Venus etc.Based on that only we could analyse what is supposed to be point of conflicts that needs to be taken care from both sides.Librans are flirty and cancerians need to give them space to breathe if they like you they will come back anyway.

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