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If you had the opportunity, would you date Ronda Rousey?

If you answered "yes" to that question, hopefully you are okay with being called "Bob" by the UFC Women's Bantamweight champion's mother.

Now, in order to have Rousey's mother refer to you by your actual name, you need to go on a week-long mission wandering through the wilderness with only a few supplies in a backpack and...kidding, kidding!

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Though she had Rousey in trouble early, "Girl-Rilla" would eventually succumb to Rousey's signature armbar.

When Carmouche entered the UFC cage she also became the first openly gay fighter to compete in the biggest MMA promotion on the planet.

But that also means she will have a fit, toned body and a healthy lifestyle!

Men are naturally protective of their other halves, so seeing their loved one getting punched and kicked in the cage will definitely be hard to swallow.

On top of that, some men might be intimidated by the fact that their girlfriends are able to cause considerable harm and even knock someone out with a mere punch. To be frank, I thought girls would be attracted to MMA fighters but it seems like the sport might be too extreme for them.

10 guys were polled and here’s what they had to say: Of the 10 polled, only one said he wouldn’t.

Heck, it’s Valentine’s Day, so here are 10 reasons why you should date a fighter. Free trainer: Let’s face it, trainers at gyms can be expensive, but if you’re with a fighter, I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to assist you. Loyal, respectful: Martial arts teaches discipline and respect, thus giving you someone you can trust. Constantly training: No need to spy on your honey; they’re probably at one of their gyms training. You might also like: MMA Update: Thiago Silva arrested, Anderson Silva working out, UFC Fight Night 7.

In shape: Now, we know what you care about is just the inside of a person, but unless we’re talking Roy “Big Country” Nelson, your boo bear is always going to be in summertime shape. Know how to put in work: You won’t have to worry about a lousy work ethic.

Since her loss to Rousey, Carmouche has fought four times in the UFC, winning twice and losing only to women who would go on to challenge Rousey for her belt.

Carmouche has long been a proud voice for her community, having done numerous interviews discussing the challenges of both being a gay member of the military and a gay professional athlete.

It’s just going to depend if you’re going to act on it. Before: Ask yourself, if **** goes down and it’s a bad breakup, do I see this person potentially ruining my gym life?

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