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Hello, I have a question about the framework, because from the doc I would expect a behaviour, but it does not happen.

I cannot provide a example project, because my app is huge and uses Core Data etc.. The idea is the following: I could call reload Data but I would lose the animation, and the purpose of using the framework.

The Data Adapter provides this bridge by mapping Data Adapter.

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) in the IGList Adapter Updater that do not take in account model changes but just inserts and delete. Do I need to write my own adapter to manage the changes to the datamodel?

If I take a instance of a object and I edit it, both a and b will contain the change, so the object will always been seen as equal, even if it changed between 2 interactions of the datasource in the collection view.

That makes it a little difficult when using IGList Kit.

B/c the pointers are the same, its impossible to see that the object has "changed" b/c there's no previous state to go off of.

Dim str Select As String = _ "SELECT * FROM Categories" Dim da As Sql Data Adapter = New Sql Data Adapter(str Select, cn) ' Set the data adapter object's UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE ' commands. Select("Category Name = 'Dairy Products'")(0) row("Description") = "Milk and stuff" ' Add a record. New Row( ) row("Category Name") = "Software" row("Description") = "Fine code and binaries" dt. For each row that is to be changed, added, or deleted, the parameters are replaced with values from the row, and the resulting SQL statement is issued to the database.

Use the Sql Command Builder class's ability to auto- ' generate these commands from the SELECT command. The choice of which value from the row to use for which parameter is controlled by the Sql Command object's Parameters property.

For example, the following call to Update writes changes from the Data Table named Categories back to the SQL Server table of the same name: statement that was provided to the Sql Data Adapter object or can be explicitly provided to the Sql Data Adapter object. When the Update method is called, the Sql Data Adapter object notes that no values have been set for its Update Command, Insert Command, and Delete Command prperties, and therefore queries the Sql Command Builder object for these commands. row("Description") = "Milk and stuff" ' Perform the update. Update(ds, "Categories") ' Close the database connection.

Example 8-2 shows an example of allowing an Sql Data Adapter object to infer the SQL ' Open a database connection. If any of these properties had been set on the Sql Data Adapter object, those values would have been used instead.

For a list of these values, see the Data Adapter constructor.

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