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If he were still working for the government, President Trump could instruct him not to testify.

He could say, "I'm not allowing you to testify." He doesn't have that authority or power over James Comey anymore.

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They helped make it one of New York’s breakout nightspots when it opened in 2010, but they wanted White Street to be different.

“The Lion was fun, but we wanted to do our own thing,” explains Abrams.

Vanessa seems to want Dan back, but they don't because he's dating Serena.

Vanessa doesn't take it badly, after that Vanessa and Dan rekindle their old friendship and become friends again.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS (HOST): The White House seems to be bowing to reality, according to Jon [Karl]'s reporting right there. Number three is that former FBI director James Comey is no longer an employee.

Remember, the purpose of executive privilege is to protect confidential communications between the president and, typically, his cabinet. Number two is the argument of waiver, meaning it's no longer a confidential communication when the president tweets about it, talks about it in interviews, and as a result, you can't invoke that privilege anymore.“It was like, ‘Oh, man, you’re dealing with that, too?’ That’s why we make a good business team: We’re both big-picture guys, but we also obsess over the minutiae of the wine list and the shape of the silverware.’’ The two have been famously inseparable since bonding over their work a decade ago, and the latest product of their bromance is White Street, a new Tribeca restaurant that’s drawing high-profile clientele. Three writers from South Florida--Dave Berry, Carl Hiaasen, and Elmore Leonard present their new novel, "Naked Came the Manatee," which was written with several other authors trading off chapters. He co-founded Gossip & the NYC restaurant, White Street and created and sold There would be an argument here that was the reason for it.

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