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At Whitefeather & Associates, Paula is at her desk redecorating it to better reflect her new law school obsession.

After their recent argument Rebecca at first ignores Paula, then tells her she refuses to apologize and finally pleads for them to make up.

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But as you get to know her a little better, things start getting a bit weird. And when we say crazy, we don’t mean Manic-Pixie-Dream-Girl crazy. We’re talking about the sort of crazy that is going to make everyone else’s life miserable in the process of existing.

So what are the signs that this chick has zero chill?

He's nervous as it's for an office party at his workplace but Paula doesn't notice as she's distracted by her studies.

When he learns his wife and Rebecca are still fighting Scott encourages Paula to fix things with her.

But I should warn you, if you’re trying to start dating a leo, there Ah, fuckboys.

It’s a species that seems to be multiplying by the second.What I mean is that even though any emotionally healthy boyfriend, even starting in high school, will feel a need to invest his time and energy in the relationship and even give over a large part, if not all, of his heart to the girl, she does something even more profound … ” I asked, eager to become the ninja to the sensei.“Every time a woman’s heart breaks, she puts up a kind of wall around it.Or did she just chip away at your self-worth until you felt compelled to make her happy by becoming a completely different person?If you’re no longer “allowed” to listen to your favorite music or wear your old clothes — get out! The Tell: Her to the ex: “So where have you been hiding? Unless your server is being horrifically rude or inappropriate, it’s a huge red flag.No it’s not Christmas, no it’s not the day you finally get your tax return back, it’s Leo season.

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