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All of us want an enduring marriage, a beautiful marriage we can believe in. It is designed to be used by small groups and for individual couples. Fortalezca su relación más íntima Todos queremos un matrimonio duradero, un matrimonio hermoso en el que podamos creer. Kim Kimberling es esa guía, y este libro y sus herramientas le mostrará cómo la comunicación y la intimidad en el matrimonio pueden ser suyas.

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God wants you to have amazing sex There is nothing more powerful on earth than the forces of love, sex, and romance.

In fact, relationships are a matter of life-and-death importance.

If you are not in a Bible Study group, find a few friends who have similar needs to yours, and invite them to participate in the study with you.

Whether in a group or by yourself, this study will help you set a course toward “being the right person.” ~ Fred Bittner, Faith Gateway Bible Study* * *“At the center of every great love story are two people who are for each other, destined to be together. Three hundred pages or a hundred and twenty minutes later they’ve figured out what we knew all along, leaving us entertained and, in some cases, inspired by their story. I realize that you realize movies, reality TV, and novels don’t reflect real life.

Paperback - $15 Marriages don’t get better on their own.

The best marriages happen when a husband and a wife are purposeful together to make their marriage better. Others carve a few minutes out of busy schedules to spend quality time together each day. If you are like us, your marriage can always get better.

So how you can train today for the relationship you want tomorrow?

In Swipe Right, Levi Lusko shares with raw honesty from his own life experiences and God's Word how toregret-proof your marriage bed and your deathbedresist settling for instant pleasure by discovering what your heart really longs forlearn how to avoid and treat sexual scars by careful living todayturn the clumsy "sex talk" with your child into dialogue that leads to wise choicestransform a stagnant marriage by trading predictable nearness for mind-blowing intimacy God's dreams for your life are not intended to kill your joy but to enhance it.

And at the core of this book is a soul-watering desire to see yours be better, in a world that increasingly seems to be settling for worse.

Levi makes the taboo seem candid, the old-school the new-school, and the difficult more than just possible but altogether life-saving.

I believe with my whole heart that Swipe Right is going to inspire and challenge you, and not only that, but could redirect the course of your life and relationships.

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