Consolidating audio files in pro tools

This just keeps coming up....a band member wants to do some overdubs in Logic.

Or a band has made its album in Logic and the mixer works in Pro Tools or vice versa.

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PLEASE NOTE, VERY IMPORTANT: Do not send us MP4 videos. The best placement of your window burn is in either top corner. If your project is letter-boxed, please put the window burn in the letter-boxed area.

Try to avoid putting window burns in the same location as subtitles or lower thirds. In an ideal world, start the movie and the window burn at :00 and add a second or 2 to the movie past the tail pop.

In order to properly prepare your project for stemming you should create a copy or ‘save as’ so as not to destructively edit the original project.

LOGIC PRO X: Use the ‘Alternatives’ options to create a version of the track within the same project.

Once you have decided that it may not be best to try to do it all yourself, and you think you have a song that is good enough to get professionally mixed, you need to prepare your tracks to send to the mixing engineer.

Most professional mixing engineers will be happy to tell you what formats they accept and how to get your tracks into the proper format to deliver to them.

However, before you even begin the process of getting the tracks in the proper format, there are several things you need to do to avoid additional time and expense.

As a professional mixing engineer myself, these are the things that I consider outside the range of normal mixing duties, and that I will charge extra for if they weren’t done before the files are sent to me.

There are a lot of great ways to collaborate on tracks using Splice.

In addition to sharing project files and folders you can also share audio stems within DAWs among users.

Both the picture and the OMF should have head and tail pops.

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