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In cell C3 (and the remainder of the cells in the range extending through cell C15), the formula shown below is used to identify the maximum sales value in the range and to populate that value into the appropriate cell in Column C.=IF(B3=MAX(B: B), B3,0) The formula populates all other cells in Column C with zero.

conditional formatting not updating 2016-75

We also have several new analytics features, such as symmetry shading and ratio lines for scatter charts. We are going to be releasing earlier in the month going forward.

This month has several exciting improvements for tables and matrix and several connector improvements as well.

Applying conditional formatting in a Pivot Table can be a bit tricky.

Given that Pivot Tables are so dynamic and the data in the backend can change often, you need to know the right way to use conditional formatting in a pivot table in Excel.

To automatically change cell values based on criteria, you'll want to use a formula.

More on Using Formulas in Smartsheet can be found here.We’ve also added several new table and matrix improvements based on the feedback you’ve given us on our User Voice forum.The sheet owner and collaborators with Admin access to the sheet can create, delete, and disable conditional formatting rules.For rows that meet the condition, apply a color to the card border in Card View or the Gantt and Calendar bars in Gantt View or Calendar View.A color will be applied to a card, Gantt bar, or calendar bar only if you've applied the rule to the entire row.Add multiple conditions to a rule by selecting Add Condition (AND).

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