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A significant message for students is that despite their fears, college can provide a safety net—within reason—to experiment, make mistakes, learn and move forward intellectually and socially.A Brandeis University (MA) student talked about how during her first semester at college she “made bad choices, hooked up with guys, was messy, drinking too much.” She didn’t much like that person.

The building is now set to receive an $85.2 million renovation, a process which involves the "input and advice of students." "That’s because the union houses many offices shared by dozens of student organizations, and Wibbelman made her comments as the student government discussed the latest developments for the renovation project, expected to launch next spring," explains the"The union building, a student center for hosting events and orientation, is expected to see major updates to multiple rooms, changes in the floorplan, and a refurbished courtyard." University of Michigan spokesman Rick Fitzgerald contends that the frightening paneling has not been brought to the administration's attention by students, and that there are no plans to gut the paneling in order to save hurt feelings.

“[The] concern about the paneling is not something that has been brought forward to the university as a concern from students, who have been involved with developing this project for several years and through dozens of meetings.

“Essentially, students were afraid that the professor would irrevocably confirm their academic inadequacy.”This nervousness was particularly concentrated among those students taking mathematics and composition courses, often the “portal to more exclusive classes.” Citing an “underlying fear” that they would be “exposed” in front of their peers and professors “as too stupid for college classes,” many of the students observed by Cox “exhibited very low tolerance for feeling confused or making mistakes” and often did not seek extra assistance to understand new skills or information.

Campus police should be contacted regarding any threatening and/or intimidating behavior.

In our interviews with 175 college students throughout the United States for Survival Secrets of College Students (Barron’s, 2007) students talked—sometimes painfully—about what they wished they’d known ahead of time and what they would have done differently.

In addition to fears about being smart enough, liking roommates, making friends, and missing home, students also worried about handling the party scene, having sex, covering costs, and being safe.Many are also concerned that their employers will be unimpressed with their new degrees or certifications.This is especially true of online degrees and diplomas.“Being unprepared to meet certain expectations, however, is not the same as being unable to meet them.When students fail to follow, or even violate, rules that are taken for granted, instructors may easily interpret the source of the problem.The increasing availability of career colleges offering online programs is making it easier and more convenient for working professionals to finish college or earn another degree.

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