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“When you’re working in a motorcycle shop, you take your vacation in the fall,” Dr. They are fortunate not to have to travel to Billings, Casper, or Salt Lake.” Though Dr.

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Although it is referred to as a "cave", Mummy Cave is actually a broad, shallow alcove in a vertical cliff.

It owes its depth to its overall size and the stability of the parent rock.

From bareback riding and steer wrestling to barrel racing and team roping, you'll be pulled right into the action as you watch cowboys and cowgirls of all ages compete to be the best in their category.

Rodeo clowns are of course involved to get the crowd fired up and the bull riding at the finale will really get your blood pumping!

Poffenbarger for his skill and bravery with the Bronze Star Medal. Poffenbarger left the Army in 2005, he considered job opportunities nationwide, settling on Fredericksburg, Virginia.

However he soon began to feel the need to get “farther away,” leaving the traffic jams of the DC area to serve a more rural setting. I like to take what I do out of the big cities and move it to the regular people where they have access to it.” When Dr. “Your partners are like your spouse, you have to get along.The cliff is composed of Tertiary period volcanic ash mixed with larger rock fragments of volcanic origin.Apart from the depth and consistent nature of the alluvium, Mummy Cave is also characterized by extreme dryness.Learn about the man the town is named after, as well as the town itself and surrounding area at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.With 5 museums under one roof, any visitor is sure to come away much more educated about the West than before.The Buffalo Bill Museum examines the life of Buffalo Bill Cody himself, and separates the history and the myths associated with him and the Old West.

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