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While that might seem like a bad thing the fact is the film is all the better for it. Michael Douglas gives one of his finest performances as President Andrew Shepherd.The same can be said of his love interest and co-star Annette Benning in her performance as lobbyist Sydney Ellen Wade.In 1988, at the age of 15, Rogers adopted the name Portia de Rossi, by which she remains best known.

She was educated at Melbourne Girls Grammar School and the University of Melbourne, where she studied law.

De Rossi has confirmed, in an interview with the Daily Mail, having struggled with anorexia nervosa throughout her teens and young adulthood; she credits her intensive treatment and the love of Ellen De Generes as having saved her.

See more » Director Rob Reiner and Aaron Sorkin, fresh off their success with the film A Few Good Men, came up with this gem more then thirteen years ago.

With a top notch cast and production values The American President is the continuation of an old Hollywood tradition of films where nobility wins out in the game of politics.

At the end of the movie, when The President is getting ready to leave and drive to Sydney's house to beg for her back, she walks in and declares that the traffic is awful.

This doesn't make sense; she wouldn't have been able to hear his conversation through the wall because the Oval Office is soundproof. She has shared a list of her favorite television shows and movies ("Grey's Anatomy," chick flicks).But even as the phenomenon continues to swell, the effort to maintain an active social life on the Web is taking its toll. Some feel bombarded by unsolicited messages, friend requests and advertisements. This suggests that as much as people want to connect through the Internet, the practice also can have the opposite effect: social networking fatigue. Social networking sites such as My Space and Palo Alto's Facebook have exploded in popularity, drawing new users into the fold each day. She has shared her reviews of Bay Area haunts (two stars for the Old Spaghetti Factory in San Jose, five stars for the Starbucks in Morgan Hill). If you believe the buzz, the latest incarnation of the Web is all about sharing, connecting and community."You join a lot, but you don't keep up," said Dave Taylor, a 44-year-old Internet marketing consultant who complained about having social networking fatigue on his blog after joining about 15 sites.

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