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According to Feser, Rothbard “seems incapable of producing even a minimally respectable philosophical argument, by which I mean an argument that doesn’t commit any obvious fallacies or fail to address certain obvious objections.” (Feser 2006) He makes it clear that he is not necessarily disagreeing with Rothbard’s conclusions—rather, “the problem is just that Rothbard seems incapable of giving a philosophically interesting for his claims.” To illustrate this criticism, Feser takes what he regards as a typical piece of Rothbardian philosophical analysis, namely, Rothbard’s argument for self-ownership.

This argument is taken to be typical by Feser in three respects: 1is central to Rothbard’s moral and political philosophy; 2is maintained virtually unchanged by Rothbard over many years, and 3is a fair example of Rothbard’s philosophical acumen.

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He writes: “If Rothbard was capable of giving an interesting philosophical argument, then, we would naturally expect to find one here, and yet (as we will see) we don’t.

While I do not claim that this one example decisively establishes Rothbard’s philosophical mediocrity all by itself, I do think it provides a pretty strong indication.” (Feser 2006) In fact, it is not all that difficult to find examples of fallacious, contentious or less-than-perfectly articulated arguments in the works of philosophers who, by general consensus, are far from being mediocre.

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It was the first gorgeous spring day in NYC when you all wore shorts and had boozy brunch outside and I couldn’t get a cab because the rest of New York was in them.

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