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-- Curt Christianson site: wrote: Hello all, I have something very simple going on here and I'm scratching my head as to what the problem is.I have a Caliburn Micro View/View Model set which is utilizing a User Control which has one of its dependency properties bound to a value which is in the View Model of the main view.

c user control not updating-57

It makes sure that only the selected employee is highlighted in the control, regardless of which page of data is displayed or of how the list has been sorted.

The user control also makes sure that the employee-detail user control is displayed only when the selected employee is visible in the employee list.

This is so lame, and I'm so tired trying to find what is the problem! I found while dropping the control, adds in the designr initialization about the backcolor. After adding a control to a designer in the same project, you should delete this reference. You mean adding a custom control in same solution but from different project should add a reference from the control's library? If you mean something like self referencing, i don't see anything like this, which is kinda impossible to happen!!!

The Back Color property you set in the control designer and the Back Color property you set in the Form designer is the same property, the the one in the control designer acting as the default.

Then I did a model and implemented the On Property Changed and used the control in Main Window.

When I click the Browse button in the User Control the Dependency Property "File Path" is correctly set (and the textbox gets the path string) but the model doesn't seem to work.

edit: Self Referencing not happening according to the url you provided for me.

If the two projects are in the same solution, change the reference to a Project Reference (Add Reference, Projects tab) and try re-building the entire solution.

The code for each of the 4 items follows, I can't figure this one out for the life of me. Here's Module1: Module Module1 Public str Test As String End Module Here's Web Form1(HTML): Here's Web Form1(Code Behind): Private Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As System. Is Post Back Then str Test = "Some Value" End If Dim ctr Text Box As Web User Control1 Place Holder1. Clear() ctr Text Box = Load Control("Web User Control1.ascx") ctr Text Box. The core question being, why is the label being updated but not the textbox? you say you are calling the parent page to refresh...

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