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There is no exact date or reason to why they arrived in India but scholars date it to around the early Middle Ages.Cochin is a group of small tropical islands filled with markets and many different cultures such as Dutch, Hindu, Jewish, Portuguese, and British.In fact, I grew up and went to school with some of them.

Not only do genealogists have the opportunity to learn about their ancestors, but they can also learn about various inherited diseases.

Some of these medical conditions could be life-threatening while others are merely an inconvenience.

Some rituals require a minyan; the presence of a rabbi (a teacher, not a priest) is not essential—it is said that "nine rabbis do not constitute a minyan, but ten cobblers can".

While the required quorum for most activities requiring a quorum is usually ten, it is not always so.

For example, the Passover sacrifice or Korban Pesach (from the days of the Temple in Jerusalem) must be offered before a quorum of 30.

(It must be performed in front of kahal adat yisrael, the assembly of the congregation of Israel.

Jerusalem Talmud The Jerusalem Talmud (Megillah 4:4) offers two sources for the requirement, also using a Since the term "congregation" in the later verse refers to the ten spies, so too in the former verse: "You shall be holy" refers to a "congregation" of ten.

The second source is based on the term "children of Israel" which appears in the following two verses: Just as the "children of Israel" in the later verse refers to the ten sons of Jacob who descended to Egypt to obtain food during the famine, so too the former verse refers to sanctification among the “children of Israel” in the presence of ten.

Pictures of plants on each list are displayed in alphabetical order by their Common name, with their Scientific name also given.

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