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Flowers spoke to TIME from London, where he was preparing for a tour that will take him throughout Europe and the U. Brandon Flowers: Really similar circumstances to the first.

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Had Brandon Flowers’ car not been stolen when he was in high school, he might have been a golfer instead of the frontman of a group that’s sold more than 2o million albums.

When the car was stolen, along with the golf clubs he’d left in the trunk, Flowers had recently begun hanging out with more creative types who got him into playing music.

There’s a big age gap between me and my eldest sister so I had nieces and nephews by the time I was around five years old, which I loved, and being a dad myself always seemed inevitable. Tana and I will be driving home from a movie or something and we’ll say, ‘What if we were going home to nothing?

’ Having a family is so fulfilling and there’s so much more joy when you have children in your life.

So Dave [Keuning, guitarist] and Mark [Stoermer, bassist] wanted to take a breather.

I try to write as much as I can, so it’s just better for everybody that I get these songs out. It was also a lot easier to choose [songs] because I was working with Ariel Rechtshaid, the producer.

When asked what it’s like to tour without the band that made him famous, Flowers said that he got plenty of practice when touring in support of his solo debut, . The Killers frontman is enjoying a favorable response from his sophomore effort, — and evidently, he’s got mixed feelings about that.

NME caught up with the singer backstage at his sold-out show in London. I try to look for the similarities rather than dwell on the differences, because I need that comfort, I guess.” Aww!

I wanted to spell his name ‘Gunner’ but my wife Tana made us go with ‘ar’ at the end to soften it a little bit. He’s the least affectionate of the three and when he does show affection, it’s kind of aggressive.

As you can see, he doesn’t just give you a kiss, he has to grab your face.

It’s great that all three of our boys are different.

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