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Reform Theatre presents the world premiere of Hopeless Romantics.

As we now live in a highly mobile society and as young people are delaying their entry into society, this generation faces more problems in finding lovers than those from the previous generation," Wang Jun, an official with the Zhejiang CYLC, told the Global Times.

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Clueless as to who they’ll be meeting, the invited individuals will then prepare for the said schedule of the event.

That’s why it has been termed as “blind dating.” Everyone involve has the hope of finding or forming a romantic relationship in the end.

Over 10,000 people looking for love showed up, but only 2,000 got the chance to meet others in the main venue."We aim to combat the single population issue.

There is a large demand for partners among young people.

Gokon may be a fun and friendly meeting, but one has to be careful sometimes, especially the women.

Peppermint ist eine inhabergeführte Unternehmensgruppe mit Sitz in Berlin.

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This is a drinking party where men and women meet for the first time.

It typically starts from either a man or a woman who organizes the event and then starts inviting other persons to join the group.

Wang Lingwei, a 26-year-old singleton from a university in East China's Zhejiang Province, met 500 men at a CYLC event last month."Getting involved in such a large-scale blind dating event felt weird at first, but I got used to it and in the end I had fun," Wang told the Global Times.

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