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In his book , Timothy Keller describes how the cultural view of relationships has morphed over the years from being community-focused to individual-focused.

“The Enlightenment privatized marriage,” he said, “taking it out of the public sphere, and redefined its purpose as individual gratification, not any ‘broader good.’” According to a recent article on dating trends in New York, some singles are pushing back against dating sites after being burned by the impersonal, inorganic side of meeting people online.

They are special & do not judge how we look or make fun of people.

Also I do not know if I am allowed to put my e-mail on her or not? I am looking for a blind woman who is around my age [55], I am 4ft 9 1/2 inches short.

I'm single, never married, no kids & I am NOT blind. That's why I'm kinda looking for a blind woman, an older woman around 40-50 yo. Thanks Hi im not blind but i date a blind man i met online ...

I have always had trouble withdating in the past ive been through some bad relationships ...

I did not want to be a burden and did not want to hold her back.

It wasn't self pity; it was simply my thought process at the time. While still in the hospital, I began the enrollment process at the Center for the Visually Impaired in Atlanta.

Dating portals put the responsibility on the individual to do the searching and selecting.

This format is challenging because we’re on our own—outside the social context of meeting through friends and far from the conventions of community matchmaking or arranged marriages.

While these brave souls may be the exception in the dating world, the show’s popularity speaks to what may be a growing weariness with today’s dating process.

In his standup comedy and his relationship book , comedian Aziz Ansari likewise marvels at his own parents’ arranged marriage.

I think blind women are better for me because they can see better then those who can, & they make better people.

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