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You will only see any SCAN Form features if you have setup integration with Endicia or Express1.

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This version includes the following fixes/enhancements: This version includes a new Shipments Analysis for Enterprise users.

Similar to the Order and Sales Analysis, the Shipments Analysis allows you to view, print, export shipment information.

Told from Zach's perspective, Blackthorne Institute has the answers about what really goes on... I had so many questions after finishing the series it felt right to make answers.

How did Zach exactly feel as a student at Blackthorne?

If you stay at the Black Thorn do not expect the Hilton.

The staff is nice the rooms are just old and wore out.

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Yet, as a writer, I spend my ‘work day’ thinking about how to make my characters miserable, and it’s rare that a day goes by that I don’t think about …

Before Gallagher Academy and before Cammie, Zach Goode was a student at Blackthorne Institute. What really goes on at their school, no one knows for sure. I will be updating it as much as I can, until next time! As you may know, Blackthorne Institute is a pleasant place, so I felt as the author I would try to do that justice in portraying it as the total opposite of Gallagher Academy. I pull open my drawer, finding a familiar set of gray clothes.

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