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Depending on the offences, the maximum penalty is a fine of 0,000 or a jail term of up to 10 years.

Lawyer Rajesh Sreenivasan, a technology and telecoms partner at Rajah & Tann, said the Bill rightfully recognises the responsibility of the asset owner as it might be futile to focus on going after cyber criminals alone.

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But critics of the bill say if fines are lower, the state and local municipalities lose out on revenue they collect from tickets.

"Everybody says 'well you're going to lose that money.' You never got it in the first place.

Welcoming the Bill, Association of Banks director Ong-Ang Ai Boon said the proposed legislation will push for cyber resilience across all critical sectors, which will benefit banks in Singapore.

A proposed licensing framework for cyber-security vendors, such as those providing white-hat hackers and managed security services, will help its member banks "make informed choices".

SACRAMENTO -- A bill making its way through the state Senate could change the way certain people are forced to pay traffic tickets, pegging how much they would owe to their income, rather than mandating they pay the full amount.

Before 18-year-old Regina Ortiz can start her enlistment in the Air Force, there’s one little annoying thing she has to take care of.

You're making choices to pay rent or buy food for your kids,” said Hertzberg.

He says for simple traffic stops, people who can’t find the money to pay are losing their driver's licenses and incurring late fees that drive them further into debt.

It follows last October's announcement of a high-level cyber-security strategy that includes strengthening global partnerships and directing more funds to plug security gaps in CII, such as those that run telecommunications, transport, healthcare, banking and energy services.

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