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He likewise gained attention as the resident DJ/rapper in the IBC-13 variety show Loveli' Ness. , the first commercially released Filipino rap album. included several popular singles such as Mga Kababayan Ko (My Fellow Countrymen), Gotta Let ' Cha Know, Cold Summer Nights and Man From Manila.

With tracks that featured politically conscious and thought-provoking rhymes in both English and Tagalog, Yo!

Magalona died seven months after being diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia.

Starting out as a breakdancer in the 1980s, Magalona was cast in several Filipino movies of that decade, including Bagets 2.

Often hailed as the "King of Pinoy Rap", he was considered a legend in the Philippine music community.

With the success of his earliest albums, he was the first Filipino rapper in the Philippines to cross over to the mainstream.

I keep on blaming my self I should have eaten my pride how can I convince you its just a matter of time Many times I've hurt you with my foolish ways oh girl now I know I have to pay the price Is there a way for you to turn around, turn around and come back baby ohh baby can't you see CHORUS: its been cold summer nights since we drifted apart cold summer nights since you walked out that door cold summer nights here on my own coz I miss you baby, I need you here RAP: cold summer nights girl, I really miss you you rocked my world I wanna touch you and kiss you its my fault I never called you at home I'm on the phone, wishing you could call I'm all alone is there a way for you to turn around and come back to me I hope you understand that I'm your man and together we can kiss and make up 'coz you know I can't stand Repeat Chorus Lyrics taken from If this song really means something special to you, describe your feelings and thoughts.

Interscholastic is the EP & Studio Album of Filipino rapper Francis Magalona, released by Greater East Asia Music and BMG Records (Pilipinas) Inc in 1999.

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