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However, it is reported that her brother had been threatened with deportation by Alfred Greven, the manager of the German run film production company in occupied France, Continental.

She got a divorce and then fell in love with Porfirio Rubirosa, a Dominican Republic diplomat and notorious womanizer. His anti-Nazi opinions resulted in his forced residence in Germany.

Dannielle Owens-Reid and Kristin Russo love to tell the story of how they founded their website,

The Sydney Opera House concert was not only sold out, but, the audience stamped their feet demanding more, bringing Chenoweth out for additional encores!

The tour was directed by Richard Jay-Alexander with musical direction by Mary-Mitchell Campbell, choreography by Tyler Hanes, sound and lights by Matt Berman, stage manager Rocky Noel, and featuring special material written by Sharon Wheatley (performed by the now infamous Avenue Q members of her show - Lucy T. The cast included Will Taylor, Constantine Germanacos and Jennifer Diamond.

The inspiration for the exhibition came from the artist’s own upbringing.

As a child, she was often surrounded by the mechanical drawings made by her father and uncles, who worked as steamfitters in industrial buildings.

In 1935, Darrieux married director/screenwriter Henri Decoin, who encouraged her to try Hollywood.

She signed with Universal Studios to star in The Rage of Paris (1938) opposite Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Under the German occupation of France during World War II, she continued to perform, a decision that was severely criticized by her compatriots.

In exchange for Rubirosa's freedom, Darrieux agreed to make a promotional trip in Berlin.

The couple lived in Switzerland until the end of the war, and divorced in 1947.

The mobile and wall installation are in the museum’s Laurie Art Staircase, an expansive space ringed by windows on three sides, which allows the pieces to be visible outdoors, even at night.

The fluctuations in natural light also constantly change the way the works are perceived throughout the day.

Huge scaffolding had to be brought in so that she and her assistants could reach the farthest edges of the wall, and many of the elements were drafted with tape.

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