Are eric stein and jessica hughbanks still dating

In the beginning of the game, Jessica became a member of the Late Night Crew alliance that ran the game for the first couple of weeks.

She also had a romantic relationship with fellow House Guest Eric Stein.

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Jessica and her "showmance" Eric Stein returned to host a Ho H competition in Big Brother 9.

Their romance is “still going strong,” and Eric and Jessica “plan to continue their long-distance relationship until Jessica graduates, then see what happens,” the Wichita Eagle’s Denise Neil reports.

The couple attended season 17's first live eviction.

It may have been a belated congrats, but host Julie Chen was like a proud mom to all the former houseguests who attended the season's first live eviction.

But in the short term, they’ll only see each other on holidays, although Eric just spent a week with Jessica in Kansas. “People are always really happy to see that we’re together and that we’re having such a good time with each other,” Eric said. He recently “quit his job at a New York City talent agency, [and] isn’t sure what he’ll do next.

Some of those fans are apparently actually calling them “Jeric” (because smashing two names together is still apparently new and hip) and others are campaigning to get them cast on . He’s taking some time off to decompress and might start looking for work after the first of the year. Jessica is just one year away from finishing her broadcast journalism degree at Wichita State University, and she’ll go back to school in January,” according to the paper.

Dustin with his former boyfriend Joe, and Jessica was a former bff turned rival with Carol.

Soon the main HGs are settled in and doing their meet and greet which gives us lots of insight through side discussions in the DR.

Chen shared a few laughs with other game veterans sitting in the audience, like engaged couple Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd and last season's Frankie Grande.

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