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In that sense, Kusterbeck does sound a lot like Paramore's Hayley Williams, and as a band, Versaemerge do hem a bit too closely at times to Evanescence's goth metal mold to really stand out here.

That said, such songs as "Figure It Out," "Stranger," "Your Own Lov.e.," and "Mythology" do reveal the band's knack for yearning and powerful rock numbers.

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Similarly, the album's title track and "Fire (Aim Your Arrows High)," featuring added male vocals, are ear-grabbing numbers that should appeal to fans of anthemic modern rock.

Sierra Kusterbeck and Blake Harnage got called out for some praise this week by Britney Spears for their cover of her song, Toxic.

Versa Emerge guitarist Blake also offered various lessons via BANDHAPPY earlier this year through last month.

The band recently dropped off Warped Tour (where they had planned to be involved with BANDHAPPY in person) to continue working on "reorganization" and new music.

This was misconstrued to mean that she was already 17 and was turning 18, but she actually meant that she would be 17 in a week.

Versa Emerge released their first EP with Kusterbeck on vocals, Perceptions, in May 2008.

Hello Vultures It is with sadness that we would like to announce that May 7th will be Devin’s last show with Versa Emerge.

There are absolutely no hard feelings and we 100 percent support his decision to leave and be with his wife and newborn baby.

However I do feel a lot of bands are multiplying like bunnies – jumpy, cute, dumb bunnies that shit everywhere.

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