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Documentary-style look at the fictional Senatorial campaign of Bob Roberts, an arch-conservative folk singer turned politician.

This political satire includes several original songs co-written and performed by writer/director/star Tim Robbins, and cameo appearances by other stars as reporters and news anchors.

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Written Arabic has 28 letters which include sounds that are not found in English.

Arabs have managed to create their own written language by combining English letters and numbers.

Anyone joining an Arab chat room is most likely to get confused by what she or he reads.

Young Arabs around the world refer to it as Arabizi which is the result of combining the words Arab and Inglizi — the word for English — in Arabic.

Max Baron (James Spader) is a 27-year-old high-flying advertising executive still recovering from the death of his wife.

One night he is in a bar when he meets Nora Baker (Susan Sarandon), ...

See full summary » Widowed Kieran Johnson is a lonely, middle-aged, Chicago-based high school history teacher who feels disconnected to his life.

He decides to take a trip to his mother's small old hometown ...

The most surprising part is how this combination of numbers and letters is used for communication.

Since communication technologies such as personal computers, Internet, chatting and cell phone text messaging were first introduced to the Arab world in the 1990s, it has become popular and widely used.

Switzerland - IOM reports that 20,484 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea in 2017 through 19 March, with over 80 percent arriving in Italy and the rest in Spain and Greece.

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